Hi, I’m Charles. I’m a Software Engineer & an Advocate for African Innovation.

Interests & Expertise

API Development

I design & build APIs and Micro Services using Laravel & NodeJS amongst other tools and frameworks.

Software Architecture

I enjoy researching and testing different software architecture patterns as a way to improve my overall understanding of the software development and engineering process.


I recently started working with various CI/CD and deployment tools to streamline the overall process of building and delivering applications and microservices.

MicroControllers & Space Flight

IoT & Microcontrollers

In my downtime, I enjoy tinkering with Arduinos & breadboards and exploring different software flows and paradigms in microcontrollers. It all started from trying to understand how flight computers worked really.

A few other things

I love Photography

I’ve Hosted 10+ Meetups

Working Towards Cycling Cross-Country

I’ve Climbed 3 Mountains

Current Affiliations